Toon Bulletin KNOB 96 (1997) 3-4

Wim F. Denslagen: Architectura renovata. Een inleiding op het themanummer over het Valkhof te Nijmegen. Wies van Leeuwen en Willem-Jan Pantus: Het Nijmeegse Valkhof als monument in het spanningsveld tussen vernieuwing en conservering. Aart J.J. Mekking: Palas, Troonabsis en 'Camara Santa'. De zogenaamde Sint-Maartenskapel op het Valkhof te Nijmegen.

Gepubliceerd: 1997-07-01


  • Since 1936 people have been pleading for reconstruction of Valkhof castle in Nijmegen, which was demolished in 1796. On Valkhof hill extensive subterranean remnants, two chapels and the oldest public town park in landscape style of the Netherlands are reminiscent of this complex.

    As a whole it is protected under the Historic Buildings and Ancient Monuments Act, which did not prevent the Valkhof association and a property developer from drawing up a plan aimed at converting the 'historical scenery of Valkhof' into a 'contemporary top location of international pretensions, suitable...

  • As is shown by the names that are used for the ruined apse at the ‘Valkhof’ in Nijmegen, it is commonly believed that it belonged to the choir of the Palace-chapel and that it was built by the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa. Until now no scholar has ever expressed any doubts about the function of the 'Barbarossa ruins' and in which period and by which of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire it was erected.

    Nevertheless no thoroughly architectural research has been done that can be used as a solid basis for a reliable interpretation of the material, formal and functional aspects of...