Toon Bulletin KNOB 97 (1998) 6

Aart J.J. Mekking: Traditie als maatstaf voor vernieuwing in de kerkelijke architectuur van de middeleeuwen. De rol van oud en nieuw in het proces van bevestiging en doorbreking van maatschappelijke structuren. H. van Hoogdalem: Een huis om te bewaren. De ontstaansgeschiedenis 1840-1848 van het strafcellengebouw gelegen ten noorden van het Pesthuis in Leiden, in de volksmond: de Vrouwengevangenis. Wim Denslagen: Smaak en objectiviteit.

Gepubliceerd: 1998-12-01


  • 'Progress' and 'standstill', 'conservation' and 'innovation' are quite relative concepts in the history of architecture, too. The attainment of a social position of power is always accompanied by the question of how this can be given adequate material expression. When it concerns new groupings, the answer to this question is not immediately obvious, although the 'parvenu' will always wish to adorn himself with the attributes of the 'arrivé'.

    These 'attributes' include the architectonic concept and the style in which it is executed. Sometimes both are inextricably connected, as is...

  • In the House of Detention in Amsterdam, completed in 1850, the thermo-ventilation system used there seems to result in an oppressive climate, especially in summer. In his letter of July 20, 1851 Warnsinck states that this problem had also been noticed in the model prison of Pentonville, where the cell windows were made to open again in such a way that communication through the open windows was nevertheless impossible. As an additional advantage he remarks that in summer there is no need to light a fire, so it is cheaper, too…!

    He encloses a sketch of a solution, so that in...

  • How can we be sure that we understand seventeenth-century classicism? Not the rules of the art, but the beauty of it. Take for instance the Amsterdam town hall by Jacob van Campen, a building which has the appearance of an unattractive block, at least in my eyes and in those of some nineteenth- and eighteenth-century critics. A colleague of Van Campen, Philips Vingboons, also made a design tor the town hall, but that was rejected by the city. This design was based on the architecture of Palladio and was much nicer (in my eyes).

    It appears to be very difficult to reconstruct the...