Toon Bulletin KNOB 102 (2003) 2

Leon Bok: De doden spreken niet, of toch...? Ypie Attema: Begraafplaatsen en kerkhoven - een stand van zaken. Heimerick Tromp en Carla Oldenburger: Over 'Engels Hout' en 'boordbedden': het spanningsveld tussen uitheemse en inheemse beplanting. Hugo Landheer en Ton Wolswijk: St. Ludwig. Strijd om een monument.

Gepubliceerd: 2003-04-01


  • Association De Terebinth is an association for funerary culture in the Netherlands, which asserts the values of final resting-places and the way in which death and everything it entails are dealt with. Funerary culture is a complex subject that can be studied from various perspectives.

    A lot of research is being done, but the stress lies chiefly on the immaterial aspect. The researches carried out are usually focused on familiar and obvious elements, such as cultural-technical and financial management of cemeteries or descriptions of what is to be seen at those cemeteries.

  • This contribution was presented at the KNOB workshop Funerary Heritage on 11 April 2002 in the Pieterskerk in Utrecht. The purpose of the workshop was to inform those present of the state of affairs as regards the inventory and protection of cemeteries (including the churchyards).

    A cemetery - even a protected one - is to be regarded as an enterprise that should be able to function efficiently and, if possible, be financially sound. A purely cultural-historical approach is not sufficient. On the basis of a number of existing cases a Plan for Conservation and Development was made...

  • In the eighteenth century European 'Grand Tourists', young men from well-to do families who made a cultural tour round Europe for educational purposes, brought all sorts of ideas back to their native country. These were materialised in an Arcadian, 'natural' landscape in the form of small-scale fragile architecture. In short, grottoes, temples, pavilions and cupolas with adjectives such as Greek, Turkish, Tartarian, Swiss and Chinese.

    Thus 18th-century people created a micro-cosmos in which both in terms of space and of time the whole world could be travelled during one single...

  • The local-history association Heemkundevereniging Roerstreek (HVR) and the St. Ludwig citizens' committee, with support from various other associations including the Cuypers society, have campaigned for the conservation of St. Ludwig College in the municipality of Roerdalen for years.

    St. Ludwig College in Vlodrop was founded by Franciscans from the Saxon province. Just as many other religious groups in 1875 they were forced to suspend their activities in Germany. The priests bought a site in the province of Limburg.

    Between 1905 and 1909 an enormous school/monastery...