Toon Bulletin KNOB 89 (1990) 4

E.J. Nusselder: 'Investigare necesse est'. J. Kamphuis en D.B.M. Hermans: De ruïne van Brederode.

Gepubliceerd: 1990-08-01



  • Jan Kamphuis, D.B.M.(Taco) Hermans

    The castle of Brederode was built about 1300. The castle's regular plan makes one suspect a simple building history. Historical research however proved the building history of the castle to contain at least seven building phases. It is remarkable that most of these phases comprise renewal c.q. heightening of extant walls. Therefore after 1300 the plan of the castle has not changed radically. The castle decayed from 1500 on. The ruins has been excavated and restored since 1862. Missing mural works with loop-holes and other building traces have been reconstructed according to 19th century...