Toon Bulletin KNOB 92 (1993) 3

A. van Drunen: Bossche gebouwen dendrochronologisch gedateerd. Dirk J. de Vries: Monumenten dendrochronologisch gedateerd (5).

Gepubliceerd: 1993-06-01


  • In 's-Hertogenbosch structured building-historical research has been executed since 1975. For this purpose dendrochronological dating of building timber has been executed for a few years now. By means of these exact dates we have acquired a better insight into the building history of the separate buildings and into the town structure as a whole.

    Details such as the setting up of profiles, constructions, timber connections, counting marks and stone formats - which were the dating possibilities until recently - can now be compared better as regards age. In this article the results...

  • The dendrochronological dates have invariably been related to existing historical and art-historical Information on the buildings in question. In some cases the data on this were only discovered later, such as on the castle of Rechteren in Dalfsen, the main building of which had been dated dendrochronologically before, in 1505. This building date now seems to be connected with the enforced removal of the lord of the castle.

    From dendrochronological dates established in the town of Utrecht it became apparent once again that gouged out counting marks are to be expected there, as...